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Monday, 14th October 2019

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Not to mention names, but let's just look at the BANKING landscape.


Not to mention names, but let’s just look at the BANKING landscape.

Since the BRC everyone was put on notice, it made one think, and still does… ‘Where to from here?’.

We saw a change internally as questions around deals became more refined, deal time elongated and senses tightened. The election was decided (came and went), anxiety dissipated and the phone started to ring, although this time, to a ‘new landscape’.

Banks are Back… but they are not alone – they are being watched, feel they are being watched and have competition.

One might disagree with the above statement but from where we stand, they are after the Accountancy Practice lending space, the New Partner lending space and your clients. Service levels are being worked on, Accountancy specific (Yes… we know!).

Each bank does have its own idiosyncrasies around criteria but they are knocking on the door proactively which is not what we hear in other industry sectors.

Let’s not forget, interest rates are falling, banks do negotiate, assume nothing, ask everyone and go get that deal.

It’s good to be loved.

Magnus Yoshikawa
Ph: 0408 885 944

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