Everyone’s Tech Stack 2024

The Accountants Tech Stack, mapped out by Everyone for Everyone

Published on 14 May 2024 at 10:50am
Everyone's Tech Stack 2024

Everyone’s Tech Stack fascinates me, probably you too…

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When we did due diligence on firms in the old days, pre-cloud, tech purchases were kept and stacked up in the back of the office, kind of like a historical sediment line. These days it’s all about computer diving and what we find is amazing. At the time of purchase, the intention was brilliant but at time of acquisition, divestment or merger, the review uncovers forgotten purchases, unimplemented purchases, half-implemented purchases, never updated purchases, overlapping services and in essence, burning a hole in the pocket of the Practitioner.

Whilst at a recent technology event, we bumped into the tech-veteran himself, Mr Dinesh Choradiya CPA. During our conversation it dawned on me the amount of tech specialists we know, have met over the years and the many firms that are using them to help get ahead of the tech curve. There is an insatiable quest for knowledge by Accountants around what is the best tech stack – to better understand new opportunities, solve staffing issues, etc.

Therefore, why not ask our community. So we are, by releasing everybody’s Tech Stack through this survey.

But, we really need your help to make this worthy data. It needs to be between 250 and 1000 responses to make it meaningful. Yep… it’s a lot.

Knowing how little time practitioners have we have cut it right back to as basic as one can but with some cracker questions.

Once completed, we will send the findings back to all of the participants.

It will detail the market tech stack, what everyone is using but importantly what the percentage of allocated budget is being spent and if you have fallen into the trap of buying tech but not using it.

IMPORTANT – We have not received any funding, nor will we for this survey ensuring independence – we are not here to advocate one way or the other. We do believe this undertaking by everyone is a worthy one and ensure your confidentiality is a given.

So please join us and kindly help everyone in the Accounting Industry by shedding some light on your Tech Stack as this is a journey into the unknown for many.

Surely the results will be fascinating.

Interested in the results? Take the survey.

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