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Monday, 1st June 2020

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The real hashtag is: #BillYourClient ...AndGetPaid

The alarming statistics, through conversation numbers, relating to, “I can’t bill my clients”, “I know what they are going through”, “They’ll be good for it” are really building up.

The concerning background to these comments are, “Who would the client pay first, their staff and suppliers or ‘the ACCOUNTANT’ ?”, “I don’t want to burn the relationship with my client by asking.” and they go on.

If this is you, it’s now time to change…

There are Accountants out there asking to be paid and being paid. It might be hard the first time but you can do it. By the forth time it will become the norm. And there is nothing wrong with trying on the C / D grade clients first to get the hang of it, as well as this, maybe, just asking for 25% upfront as a new company policy.

What we need to do is stop being shy about being paid and start asking with confidence, you do a good job, you’re a Professional and have probably helped each and every client of yours to grow and / or stay afloat a some stage. You deserve to be paid at the same time as everyone else – not 12months later with a write-off included.

We get that holding off will put you in a good place with your clients and creates goodwill but you are not a CHARITY. Go on, please give it a go… at least, ask for a little up front on the invoice and then ‘maybe’ a hook by giving them a discount if they pay now.

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