M&A Integration Strategies for Accounting & Advisory Firms

MergeAssist Pty Ltd helps both buyers and sellers of accounting firms to navigate successfully through the transition process to maximise the value of M&A. Our specialist advisors will guide you through M&A transition with a calm and steady approach to take the stress and anxiety out of the process.

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It’s essential to overcome the emotional barriers associated with different cultures, systems and processes and move forward positively.


A clearly devised and articulated strategy around ‘pre’ and ‘post’ mergers, demergers and acquisitions provides direction for all stakeholders.


Integration of hardware and software systems is essential for effective leverage of client relationships and workflow during M&A.


When there’s uncertainty about roles and responsibities during mergers and acquisitions, motivation and engagement can decline dramatically.


Establishing an appropriate valuation of both businesses during a merger can be a challenge, especially where goodwill is involved.


The merger process often brings with it significant opportunity to add value to clients through additional products and services.


Conflict can often arise during M&A due to different backgrounds, experiences, values and expectations associated with the change.


No matter how well you plan, issues and challenges will inevitably arise during and following merger, demerger or acquisition.


Client transition needs to be managed in a way that minimises disruption to relationships and maximises opportunities to add value.


Key benefits of workflow integration to help maximise capacity and leverage are often neglected during the transition process.