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Thursday, 9th June 2022

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We've gotten to know some trusted brokers over the years and we'd like to support them, since they have supported us.

Many people ask me for introductions and in essence that’s what we do, slowly and precisely.

The parties we are introducing have worked in the BIG4 or similarly reputable businesses – they know the lay of the FINANCE land.

Each firm and contact has their own unique personal approach, so it depends on what you are seeking. From small personal loans, Vehicle, Machinery, Mortgage to large Commercial Transactions [200k~100m] they can do it.

We cant forget the BIG4 and the latest entrant JUDO Bank – they too know their stuff and we are happy to introduce their Professional Lending Team.

Rest assured, Jadeja Partners does not take commission on your relationships but may accept a nice lunch.

Accountant Aligned Finance Brokers
Anthony Rahme – Sydney Commercial Finance
Bruce Coombes – QuickFee
Greg Malone – G&H Finance
Maria Gatsos – JMK Finance
Matt Todman – Three Story Capital
Sam McCarthy – Fresh Finance Group

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