COVID-19 and the Accounting Profession

COVID-19 - Just some thoughts...


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Monday, 16th March 2020

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Just some thoughts:

Technology has our back: Software, Systems, Communications: Check

Procedures: Updated with contingency plan(s) in place: Check

Staff: Plan implementation or roll-out procedure: Check

Clients: Contact made with best interest in hand: Check

Government: New legislations that will make the Accountant first point of call: Check

Mindset: This too shall pass: Check

The irony, is our industry has been morphing towards a perfect self-isolation industry for the past 20 years or more. We know how to manage the rollout of legislated fiscal buffers, etc. What we don’t have is TIME, and right now, the client is going to need you more than ever, for at least the minimal hand-holding.

Accountants and the Accounting Profession, we know ‘you’ do, although, your clients may not; if you haven’t spoken to your clients to let them know you are thinking about them.. please do – the stress is in the streets.

At Jadeja Partners, it’s business as usual, until it isn’t.

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